Hi, I'm Lauren!

I’m an a artist and dancer living in Charlotte, NC with my husband and daughter. I've been painting professionally since 2009. My works have been collected internationally and featured in such publications as Better Homes & Gardens. Currently I’m focusing on figurative and abstract works, primarily in mixed and water based medias.

My art is inspired by movement, by nature, by dance, and by connections. Being a visual artist as well as a dancer of Argentine Tango has made me extremely aware of negative space, of good lines and of the idea that you can communicate in many ways without saying a word.

I love soft colors, strong lines, balance, and playing with different mediums and surfaces to evoke a feeling.  I have always worked in water media, loving the fluidity of the paint and the challenge of making the unpredictable predictable, and also have always incorporated charcoal into my work. While these two things are consistent in my art, I try to always explore, play with, and be adventurous when developing new ideas.